Sea of Noise

Thu, 27 May 2004


I love my E-ZPass. It's so damn convenient and such a good value that I'm willing to put up with the resulting loss of privacy.

For some reason, I was thinking about McDonald's today and a chilling thought occurred. I hesitate even to mention it, in case the evil geniuses locked up in the basement of McDonalds' headquarters haven't already thought of it. But, if they haven't, I guess it's only a matter of time...

Why not a McD-Pass?

The potential benefits to McDonald's are obvious:

But will consumers go for it? Of course they will! Offer them a discount. Offer them special electronic coupons. Promise them that they won't have to fumble for change ever again and that they'll get the right sauce for their Chicken McNuggets every time. Give the tags away. Presto!

I predict that the program would be so successful that the entire interstate highway system would begin accepting McD-Pass for tolls within a year.

And, of course, it will then be only a matter of time before every charm on your keychain that carries a bar code now will be RFID tagged...

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