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Mon, 27 Jun 2005

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Sat, 06 Sep 2003

About This Blog


Sea of Noise started life in 1992 as a BBS and in 1994 grew to include a zine. From the beginning I made the zine available on the web, and I always hoped it could grow into more, but the project went on the shelf in 1997 when I got absorbed in running a business and took the BBS offline.

Business and other pursuits have kept me busy, but as of this writing (in 2003) I've decided that I shouldn't let the perfect continue to be the enemy of the good. I'm starting this blog using the simple but flexible Blosxom software in the hope that I can at least move some content from my personal archives to a more accessible form until I have more time to complete the project I've always envisioned.

At first this blog will probably contain mostly links and other short references culled from my personal notes. Over time, it may grow to include more substantial information. Regardless, I hope you'll find something of interest.

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