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Thu, 31 Jul 2014



Blosxom is a simple and lightweight, yet surprisingly flexible, blogging tool written in Perl. It uses the local file system to store and organize the blog's contents.

I chose Blosxom for the initial implementation of this blog because it's exactly the program I would have written myself (only nicer). Although I hope to eventually implement a more complex site not tied to the blog model, Blosxom let me get up and running without configuring a database and using just vi to make my entries. And, to give Blosxom its due, it's in fact flexible enough that I can use it to organize my information categorically rather than in a date-based format, so it's possible it will take me much farther than I hoped.

Update: Linux Journal has a good description of Blosxom ("think of it as cat(1) with stylesheets").

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