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Fri, 23 Sep 2005

Charles Gets All Old School

Continuing in the theme of the ways technology changes the way we relate to music, Charles writes that his iPod has made it harder to appreciate songs over repeated listenings:

My music used to be delivered as a concrete object that I owned and could, to at least some degree, fetishsize. The bits and bytes on my computer help keep the music that's stored on it ephemeral and disposable. I can't be the only person experiencing this problem.

Indeed, he's not alone!

A surprising angle for me, personally, is that I miss the visual association between album cover and music. I don't just mean that I miss the great cover art of the LP days (though I do). Recently, I've been "burning down" my CDs for DJing--consolidating tracks onto compilations so I can carry more in my case. But I've discovered that I have more trouble finding a song I want when the songs aren't arranged by album with the original artwork to guide me.

Anyway, Charles' response has been to get out the old mix tapes his buddy Howard gave him and start digitizing them. Check out workbook and hear for yourself.

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