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Mon, 15 May 2006

Introducing Lily Allen

Apparently, Lily Allen's mum (film producer Allison Owen) has great taste in music; so it's no surprise that classic British groups like Squeeze and The Specials sprang to mind when I first listened to Allen's music. At the same time, though, her sound is fresh--mixing and updating genres while adding a dash of sunshine and twenty-year-old optimism. (Not unlike another new favorite of mine, Spanish popsters The Pinker Tones.)

Perhaps the surest sign that Allen is a music star for the new century, though, is that she has an album (Alright, Still) due out July 17 on Regal, but played her first live gig earlier this month. While that could have something to do with having well-connected parents (father Keith Allen is a musician and comedian), Lily Allen is no Pauly Shore: I get the feeling that she'd have 28,320 friends on Myspace without the major label deal. (And, I suspect, that's exactly what her label wants to hear, while it works the "underground" "buzz". But, so what?)

The music is the bottom line. That's more true now than ever. And Allen's music delivers, bringing a ray of sunshine into what, here in Connecticut, is a very rainy day.

[via Miss Erma]

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