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Thu, 22 Jul 2004

Growing the Web of Ideas

Something every blogger, or anyone who works on a project in public, has to decide is, How much do I share? Is it better to maintain your privacy and only allow a tiny window into what you want the world to see? Or should you just turn on the 24/7 webcam and share every thought that comes into your head?

There are lots of ways to think about this issue, and it's one I'd like to explore at more length sometime. But meanwhile Sepp Hasslberger has an interesting essay ("The Spreading of New Ideas: Each One Counts") that sheds some light on the issue from a new angle:

As more and more people play, there is no way to pick out THE individual which, if eliminated, will stop the progressing of a particular idea. And since there is no profit, few if any will indeed be targeted.
Paradoxically, the more we are public, the more we are out there, the less of a target we become, because so many people ALREADY know what we have to say, that there is no gusto any more in eliminating any one of us.
In comparison, if someone has important knowledge and keeps it hidden for fear of exposure, they ARE a target, because by eliminating only one person, the idea can be prevented from taking its course.

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