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Thu, 27 Nov 2003

US Makes A Dog's Breakfast Of Spam Law

According to New Zealand's Daily Aardvark, the US Congress recently made "a dog's breakfast" of spam law. That captures my sentiments about the so-called CAN-SPAM law exactly: Cognress wants voters to think the "CAN" is something you do with meat products before putting them on the supermarket shelf; actually, it's "CAN" as in "you can spam now".

As I said recently, the problem is the lack of applicable laws, it's the near-total lack of enforcement. (The reasons I say "near" total are the FTC's recent actions against scammers and California's prosecution of spammers in their state courts, the notable exceptions to the general apathy of US governments on this issue.) This new law isn't just not what's needed; it makes things worse. Or, rather, it makes them better, if you're a spammer. Hmm... I wonder who has been lobbying your local Congresscritters and how much money they received in the process?

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