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Tue, 21 Oct 2003

The Value of Non-Performance

John Vogel has posted some interesting comments (The Value of Non-Performance) on Site Finder and WLS. As he points out, both services would reward VeriSign for non-performance of its core registry functions, leaving it to seek the optimal level of incompetence that maximizes profits.

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Sun, 19 Oct 2003

Sclavos Says 'Let's Get Commercial, Baby!'

In an interview with, VeriSign CEO Stratton Sclavos tells us "it's time to pull the root servers away from volunteers who run them". Since I agree with Sclavos when he says that "[t]he global population deserves a commercially resilient and robust network and the supporting services underneath it", I think Sean Donelan's suggestion makes more sense.

It takes a special brand of arrogance to say the kinds of things Sclavos says in this interview after not just years of incompetence from his company, but the very recent Site Finder screw-up. Of course, Sclavos is too busy lying his ass off about the problems it caused to worry about sounding arrogant...

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Summary of Site Finder Issues

Brian Bruns has put together a nice guide to the problems associated with Site Finder for end users.

(For more on this issue, see the Petition and Site Finder to Return entries.)

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