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Mon, 09 Aug 2004

Entertainment Lawyer Blasts INDUCE

Fred Wilhelms, a Nashville entertainment attorney, is no fan of piracy, but he's dead-on when he says that "No Matter What You Call It, The Inducing Infringement of Copyright Act Spells Trouble".

The fundamental problem I have with P2P is that the creators don't get paid for the distribution of their work, and I don't really buy the arguments that this "free" dissemination encourages people to buy CDs, or that it builds a fan base, or that it promotes their live appearances. The hard numbers really don't bear these contentions out. INDUCE, however, attacks the wrong part of the problem by attempting to stop technology in its tracks. As the VCR proved, the MPAA's position in the Betamax case was shortsighted at best, and the current bill proves they and their allies haven't learned anything in the intervening 20 years.

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