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Thu, 12 Aug 2004


While it's too soon to know how useful it will becaome, the developers of Frassle are definitely trying to solve the right problem. As Robin Good puts it, "All in one place: Blog, aggregator, directory, search engine, advisor."

I particularly like Frassle's approach to categorization:

Frassle doesn't bother trying to get groups of people to agree. In frassle, the important relationships are between pairs of people; and even then, we only expect partial agreement. What we may or may not agree about is the meaning of a category.

Determining the extent to which we agree is easy. Because every document on the internet has a URL, we can simply compare lists of URLs. If our lists for a pair of categories look alike, we have similar ideas of what those categories mean.

Frassle is slated to be released under an open source license "this summer". Keep an eye on Shimon Rura's blog for news.

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