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Wed, 29 Jun 2005

LiveJournal Adds Tags

LiveJournal also recently added support for tags.

This is a Good Idea. I've been using for the past couple of weeks, having already moved some 1500 items out of old bookmarks files and links pages and tagged them. Overall, I have to say that tags, qua metainfo, are as messy as I feated; but a folksonomy is also at least as useful and powerful as I'd hoped. At least for the "bookmark" problem domain, it's a big advance.

I've gone through and tagged all my LiveJournal entries. It wasn't terribly painful (though it might have been if I used LiveJournal as my primary blog). The most annoying part was that tags aren't supported in LiveJournal's S1 style system, which leverages HTML, and I had had to switch to the S2 system, which uses its own syntax. (Luckily, I hadn't invested much time in customizing my layout anyway.)

Even if LiveJournal had a halfway-decent search function, tags would be a nice advance. Given that LiveJournal has no decent way to search entries, I suspect that it will be a godsend.

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