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Mon, 09 Aug 2004

Are Blogs Backward?

Seth Godin asks, "Are Blogs Backward?"

a lot more blogs should be posted in chronological order, like books. If you're trying to chronicle something, it makes a lot of sense to start at the beginning, as long as you provide regular readers an easy way to just read the current stuff (That's what RSS is for, right?). No, this isn't right for gizmodo. But it makes a lot of sense for someone, say, chronicling her experience in a 12 step program.

Well, maybe. Though some might argue that maybe it's not that blogs are backward but that a blog is the wrong tool for that particular job. (For this site, for example, a tool that allowed both a blogish and wikiish view of the same data might be better in the long run.)

But, as Joi Ito points out, it's not all that hard for blog software to offer and option to view entries in chronological order instead of the usual reverse chronological order. In fact, it's already possible with Blosxom, the software that runs this blog. Just install the chrono plugin...

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