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Sun, 27 Nov 2005

New AT&T = New Coke?

AT&T and SBC have merged. And they're all excited about it. Ah, young love...

But, see, love makes you do crazy things. Like take one of your most valuable assets and fuck it up. Exhibit A: the new AT&T logo. I rest my case.

Designweenie put it best: "This new mark is all style and no thinking."

Or, in the more-prosaic but equally-accurate words of Russell Beattie: "It sucks."

AT&T, SBC, listen up: it's not too late. Before you order all the new business cards and stuff, take just a moment to sober up. Then tell everyone, "Hey, we were two crazy kids in love. We lost our heads." And go back to the "Death Star" logo.

'Cuz, that old logo rocked my world.

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