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Mon, 29 Jan 2007

xkcd Rocks My Webcomics World

Some friends turned me on to xkcd last week and it instantly rocketed into my top five webcomics! (Yes, I went back and read the entire archive in one sitting...) It has a geeky yet quirky appeal that I dare say will appeal to my fellow Far Side and Userfriendly fans.

Take today's comic, for example:

TV Romantic Drama Equation

If, like me, your reaction was to laugh while computing the first and second derivatives of the two functions, you owe it to yourself to become a regular reader.

The Easy Way: Start by normalizing n to 1, making both a function of a single variable x. From the first derivatives, you'll see that both functions have a critical point at x=1/2. However, for the gay cast, the second derivative is positive on (0,1), implying a minimum; while, for the straight cast, the second derivative is negative on (0,1), implying a maximum. (Of course, x=0 and x=1 are maxima for the gay cast and minima for the straight cast.)

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