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Fri, 09 Jun 2006

102 Movies?


Jim Emerson posted a list of the 102 movies he thinks everyone ought to have seen to have an informed discussion about movies. (Not necessarily, he notes, the best 102 movies ever made. And, technically, there are 103.)

Since all the other cool kids are doing it, I'd thought I'd play along and note the 44 I've seen. (Though there are probably a couple more I've forgetten I've seen, as well as a couple I know I've seen but mostly forgotten.)

Of the ones I haven't seen, there are several on my must-see list, e.g. Citizen Kane; a few I couldn't care less about, e.g. Halloween; and several I've watched over and over again (with Holy Grail coming in second only to The Rocky Horror Picture Show). Overall, it seems to be a good list, though I get the sense that Emerson's attempt to "represent key examples of all important genres, movie stars, directors, historical movements, and so on" skews it a bit. (And if you're going that way, where are the "teen" movies like Don't Knock the Rock or Breakfast Club?)

Too bad I just cancelled my Netflix membership.

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