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Wed, 06 Oct 2004

Women, Culture, and Writing Erotica

Ann Regentin's essay "And I've Never Been to Mars: Women, Culture and Writing Erotica" considers the way female writers of erotica are perceived:

Erotica writers, like other writers, are often good at getting into heads that are quite different from their own and while some of us are autobiographers, certainly not all of us are and if we're doing our jobs right, it's impossible to tell the difference.

But "women erotica writers are constantly at risk of falling prey to the virgin/whore complex."

Every time an outwardly normal, intelligent woman is found to write erotica, the general response is shocked surprise. How could [Dominique] Aury, known to be modest almost to a fault in public, have written something as incendiary as The Story of O? Surely there would have been some sign, some indication?

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