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Fri, 06 Jun 2008

LibraryThing Top 106 Unread Books

I figured it was time for me to play along with this, since a few do, indeed, show up in the pile of books I own but haven't yet read. (Admittedly, I'm fuzzy on a few of them.) I confess that I would have read more of Jane Austen's books if there weren't so many excellent movies made of them. And the ones I haven't finished will probably get finished someday—I didn't finish Atlas Shrugged the first time, either. I like to read fiction straight through and it's tough for me to get started again when I'm interrupted mid-book.

Below is a list of the top 106 books tagged unread on LibraryThing.

The rules:
bold = what you've read
italics = books you started but couldn't finish
crossed out = books you hated
*= you've read more than once
underline = books you own but haven't read yourself

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