Quotable Quotes

Issue #2.01 featured quotes from the twisted denizens of NIRVANAnet(tm):

"Just as there is no food that ought to taste like elephant shit, there is no interface that oughta look like Program Manager."
- John Ra-Smith
"Get the phone lines, beg for donations. Or get a better job. This is a DEMANDING HOBBY THAT REQUIRES THE SACRIFICE OF MONEY!"
- Poindexter Fortran, realitycheckBBS sysop
"...if people want to be spoon fed, let's do it....People are saying 'Here is the new world order, just maintain it' and then throw[ing] me the keys, I'm sorry, but I have to just catch those keys and with a salute off my brow say 'Gee, thanks.'"
- The Master Cylinder
"It's our world and they can't have it back."
- Dexter Riley on Nerds vs. Wired

Issue #1.02 featured the following timely quotes:

"This is one bitch-fight in which I see no difficulty in agreeing with everything said by both sides."
- John Smith on the OS war, in a post on NIRVANAnet(tm)
"Every child I know has an Encyclopedia Britannica within reach as they watch MTV. Why is wiring them up to the Library of Congress going to change things? Get a grip!"
- Scott McNealy of Sun Microsystems, as reported in the San Francisco Chronicle
"Geekmail is my life."
- Joe Bob Briggs

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